Leatrice Asher’s insights into pain and her skill in working with clients and communicating with the public have come from a combination of personal and professional experiences. Difficulties encountered at an early age and later a disabling physical illness, instilled in Leatrice a need for understanding . . . and truth. This desire, to be in accord with reality, required an investigation of self which led to a deeper understanding of the path of the human and how to change one’s relationship to physical and emotional pain and suffering. The same process that she used to transform her own pain was tested and honed through her work with others. For over 50 years, Leatrice has shared through groups, lectures and writing how to bring self-knowledge to our everyday lives and awaken to the true nature of our Being. The title of this site, Seeing Rightly, is expanded on in the article “Seeing Rightly” under Published Articles.



One Response to “About”

  1. James Benney said

    Dear Leatrice,

    James Benney here. I knew you briefly when you were at SF Zen Center and I lived in Walnut Creek. Over 40 years ago.
    Think about you frequently.
    Glad to see you’ve been active. Hope you are doing well.

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