Love and Judgment

by: Leatrice Evanne Asher One definition of judgment is the ability to make thoughtful decisions, such as when to safely cross a street or deciding which car to purchase. Another meaning of judgment is criticism or condemnation of someone or something, which is our usual way of perambulating through life—judging all that is not to … Continue reading Love and Judgment

Accepting Change

by Leatrice Evanne Asher – 1989 The desire to be free of the pain of a broken arm, the emotional distress of an aging body, or angst about death clearly illustrates our inability toaccept change.  Aging in particular, is something many people fear even loathe, and nowhere is the natural and necessary process of aging … Continue reading Accepting Change

Parents and Pain

by Leatrice Evanne Asher  However reasonable and rational we may be in most areas of our lives, we often have unreasonable expectations of our parents. We can accept imperfections in ourselves and our friends that we can’t seem to accept in our parents. How many of us find ourselves doing things we wouldn’t think of … Continue reading Parents and Pain