by Leatrice Evanne Asher Many religions and spiritual paths strongly advocate forgiveness. And it is often recommended by self-help practitioners. The merits of being able to forgive are considerable, especially when we see how self-destructive the inability to forgive can be. But, as with promoting positive thinking, the attempt to forgive may arise from the … Continue reading Forgiveness

Conscious Awareness of Consciousness

                                                      By Leatrice Evanne Asher Reality is that which actually is, as opposed to what the mind can conceive. Because reality is knowable but not conceivable any constructs of mind will be irrelevant to the experience of this authentic state, referred to in Buddhism as “original mind”.   Beliefs are opinions or convictions about something that are … Continue reading Conscious Awareness of Consciousness

Parents and Pain

by Leatrice Evanne Asher However reasonable and rational we may be in most areas of our lives, we often have unreasonable expectations of our parents. We can accept imperfections in ourselves and in our friends that we cannot seem to accept in our own parents. How many of us find ourselves doing things we wouldn’t … Continue reading Parents and Pain