Conscious Awareness of Consciousness

                                                      By Leatrice Evanne Asher Reality is that which actually is, as opposed to what the mind can conceive. Because reality is knowable but not conceivable any constructs of mind will be irrelevant to the experience of this authentic state, referred to in Buddhism as “original mind”.   Beliefs are opinions or convictions about something that are … Continue reading Conscious Awareness of Consciousness

What We Are Not

by Leatrice Evanne Asher —William Shakespeare; from Hamlet Freedom is waking up to the true condition and conditioning of the human. Once awake, we can begin to detach from that which we are not. We create and recreate ourselves continually by acting out roles of our choosing, a kind of desire-driven day-dreaming creation. This may … Continue reading What We Are Not

Seeing Rightly

(this is an abridged version of the original article that was published in the Word Magazine, Published by The Word Foundation, Inc. – Autumn issue 2015) by Leatrice Evanne Asher If we have not experienced our true nature then most likely we consider our personal identity—that which we refer to as “I”— to be the … Continue reading Seeing Rightly

Returning to Reality

by Leatrice Evanne Asher   [This article expands on “Seeing Rightly” that appeared in The Word, Autumn, 2015—Ed.] If we want to know the truth of ourselves, continually looking for answers outside of our own field of functioning will not bring us any closer to that intention. We cannot know reality with ideas from a … Continue reading Returning to Reality