June 18, 2010

I have created this site to communicate the work that I have been doing for the past 40 years – helping those with physical and emotional pain to transform their suffering.

I believe there is a place within each of us that yearns to fathom the deeper recesses of our being and that it is pain that positions us to actualize this understanding. Pain is a wise teacher, but we cannot partake of its wisdom unless we turn toward it. What we usually want is for pain to go away, and as quickly as possible, but we cannot learn from that which we brace against, hate or regard as the enemy.

If you would like to transform your pain then you have to do so at its source. You have to transform yourself. The information that is offered here will help you to begin this process.  This information is intended not only for chronic pain sufferers but for anyone who is sensitive to issues of pain in their lives. This is equally useful for those suffering chronic or severe forms of physical or emotional pain, those who find themselves in a care-giving role, those who suffer from everyday stresses and imbalances, and those who experience angst as they quest to understand themselves and the world.

There are times when life seems more stark and dreadful than we can endure or comprehend. It is exactly these moments that can be revelatory,  because pain comprehended can reveal itself as a friend.  If those deeply troubling moments in life are welcomed, as a source of self-knowledge rather than something we are  just trying to tolerate, they become the very place where liberation can be found.

The wonders that we may vaguely sense but that have not yet been realized in us await only our willing embrace of the very life we have been given, and contribute to fashioning. We have the potential to meet this greatest of challenges—to transmute the raw materials of our lives into something comprehensible and significant.

I now invite you to begin the journey toward understanding the true nature of pain in your life, and how to heal it. This information lies within your own innate wisdom. Turn there, toward your inner land, and you begin the journey.